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SEASCAPES (red tides)

in progress


The Mediterranean is the deadliest migration route in the world. But it's not just blood that is turning it red. Excessive urban effluents cause algae blooms, also known as "red tides", because they cause a discoloration of the the water and turn it red. Dense layers of phytoplankton invade the water surface, blocking sunlight and depleting oxygen, creating hypoxic zones. These areas are also often referred to as dead zones, as the low oxygen concentrations turn them into areas of mass mortality.

Seascapes is a series of photographic gum bichromate prints of the Mediterranean Sea where the pigments have been replaced by human blood. A link is created between the materiality of the images and the stories they give to see and invite us to update our view of this bloodied maritime space.

Inspired by Ala Tannir's thesis, this series is part of a long-term work that proposes a shift in perception of the Mediterranean Sea by dealing with the different forms of violence that fundamentally modify it. They are part of a broader perspective of ecology that abolishes the distinctions between the human and the non-human and in which the social and environmental fields are considered as complex and inseparable assemblages.


Gum bichromate, blood
Hahnemühle paper 350gr
60X80 cm